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 Math & English: K-12 
  online learning with tutor support  

Struggling? Doing Ok? High Achiever?
We can help your child do better.

Step 1
Student Assessment

Every child learns at a different pace and has different tutoring needs. We assess your child to identify what your child does and does not know, including the knowledge gaps holding your child back.

Step 2
Personalized Learning

Every week we create a new online lesson plan especially for your child. Our lesson plans target the knowledge gaps, so that they are ready to forge ahead. No guessing what to do next, simply log in and do the lessons set especially for you.

Step 3
Tutor Support

Our interactive lesson plans are supported by our tutor team. Just pick up the phone and speak to one of our tutors to discuss your child’s progress. Kids can even speak to a tutor for extra help with any question while learning on the program.

Step 4
Rewards & Motivation

Earn points as you learn. Cash in points for real rewards such as iTunes vouchers. It is amazing how effective a little reward and recognition can be.

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Struggling students cannot understand what is being taught in class because their foundations are too weak. These students develop low self-esteem and can lose interest in learning - because it seems impossible to them.

Our personalized lesson plans identify the student’s knowledge gaps and take them through the lessons they need to do, in order to catch up. As their understanding and confidence improves, they will soon be ready to attempt what is being taught in school today. Just watch their confidence grow.

Clinical and Counselling Psychologist: "A lot of children start off school just as smart as any other - but for some reason they’re readiness isn’t available for them to learn something, and then they never get to catch up. They’re always feeling that they’re not good enough. They’re always feeling that the other kids are smarter than them and they need some special help. ...Each child who can interact with this program will get it for himself: It’s unique, individualized, special - and it works."
- Dr Janet Hall, B.A. (Hons), Dip. Ed (Psych), M.Ed., Ph. D.

These are the students who are doing 'OK' without extra help, which means that they have the capacity to do so much better. They have already shown their ability to succeed academically but, in this day and age, just being average is not enough. APLUS America Math and APLUS America English will help them understand the things they didn't understand in school, and give them the confidence to go for the career of their dreams.

Leading Authority on the Psychology of Learning: "The computer asks you and doesn’t judge you. If you get it wrong, you just simply go back, learn a bit more progressively. So, it’s a very safe way of learning and yet it’s fun at the same time, it’s interactive."
- Dr Peter Shephard, Ph. D, D.Lit.

These students have the confidence to maximize the true power of the program and learn much faster with instant feedback. APLUS America Math supports the entire curriculum and helps students to see the 'whole picture' and know exactly what they have to learn. Using the program, students can fit their learning around their other activities, such as playing sports, music, studying other subjects or socializing with friends.

"The software is a great help. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go to university - you need every advantage to go up there. Definitely gives you that advantage, gives you information."
- Sherry Wang, Law student

Used in schools world wide. Accessed by over 500,000 students globally.

School case studies have shown significant improvements in just 6 weeks.

Supports what your child is learning in school and the Common Core State Standards.

Over 25 years of research and development with 50,000+ questions, games and tests.

"Concepts that normally take up to 2 weeks in the classroom to teach, children can learn in 20 mins when using Math Wiz."
George Moran, School Principal

Learning is like building a brick wall. With strong foundations and the right support, every child can learn how to do Math and English. Unfortunately, most children do not get the support they need, resulting in "knowledge gaps" which become bigger and bigger as they go through school.

This is the key behind the APLUS America tutoring programs. When your child starts with APLUS America, we do an assessment to identify any knowledge gaps holding your child back from reaching their potential. We will then create a lesson plan especially for your child to target those gaps. Every question comes with instant feedback and support so they learn the right way. Every Monday your child will be given a new lesson plan for the week, so they always know what to do next – you never have to guess.

Just watch your child's confidence grow as they become more confident and catch up in class. Once we have consolidated what is being taught in class your children can start to progress ahead of the class. It is that easy with APLUS America.

This is all backed up with the support of our tutors. If your child is ever stuck and needs that little bit of extra help or if you want to have a better understanding of how your child is "really" going and discuss your child's progress – we are there for you!

"Math Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring because you can follow what you’re doing at school and sometimes you can even skip ahead a bit and so when you get to learning that at school you already know it."
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"The programs can give parents a great sense of direction and a sense of structured involvement which will give them great satisfaction. Most children will learn much better. It’s interactive, individualized, special, and it works."
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"I found the programs to be equivalent to a personal tutor for me. I managed to attain not only a high score, but a deep feeling of satisfaction in that I had done my best and had gone beyond my limits."
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"I am most impressed that, using the Math Wiz program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the 'hard work' which is generally associated with learning mathematics through the conventional methods."
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"To me it's better than school as it's a lot more fun. I really enjoy using the computer. I try and use the program every week and I do get most of my activities done. I'm feeling happier about my studies."
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