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Learning is just like building a brick wall; you build one layer at a time. With the right support, practise and guidance, we are all capable of learning a sport, a musical instrument or even school subjects such as Math and English. Unfortunately, most children do not get the individual support they need, and develop "knowledge gaps" causing learning to become harder and harder as they go through school. Think about it, if you cannot multiply, how can you learn fractions, and if you do not understand fractions, what chance do you have of understanding algebra?

Most teachers and tutors are time poor, so they will focus on what the student is doing in school today. This creates a false sense of understanding. When the tutor is by their side, the student believes they have mastered the lesson, but when the tutor leaves, they are still often stuck and frustrated. Why is this? Because the student does not have the right foundations to truly understand the concepts being taught. A good tutor will identify any knowledge gaps and fix them, so the student has a strong enough foundation to learn and understand the topic being taught in school today. This is the basic principle behind the APLUS America Math and APLUS America English program. We assess every student, personalize their learning experience and make sure they learn one brick at a time, just like building a brick wall.

Our interactive teaching, testing and revision programs cater to all learning styles and abilities. The programs support exactly what is being taught in school, while providing instant feedback for each question. Everything is fully explained - every lesson and every question. This is vital as, without support for every question, children can learn incorrectly and develop bad habits which significantly increase learning time.

Learning Math and English does not need to be so hard, and when combined with our tutor supports, there is no reason why any student cannot reach their potential. It is just like having a tutor 24 hours a day.

"Concepts that normally take up to 2 weeks in the classroom to teach, children can learn in 20 mins when using APLUS America Math."
- George Moran, School Principal