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Student Success Stories

For each subject, after a topic was completed in class, I would use the program to build and deepen my understanding of each topic. The multiple choice questions reinforced the core concepts and I found the theory at the start of each topic to be extremely beneficial towards my studies since it outlined simply what I needed to have a grasp of.
Sherry • Commerce/Law

The 'Math and English Wiz' programs assisted me with school and were easy to use. I found that what I had learned at school was reinforced with the lessons in the program when I got back home. It allows you to review any key concepts at home so you can be sure you understand them. I liked the fact that it allowed me to prepare for outcomes and exams.
Inggrid • Dental Health

Before using the program I was failing English, now I’m getting 75%. In Math I was getting 80%, but now I’m getting 100%. I topped the class; I even corrected the teacher with Algebra on more than one occasion! I’m really happy with that. I’m feeling a lot of confidence now.
Masrur • Year 11 Student

Math Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring... When I started using Math Wiz, it was fantastic, I went from a C to a B minus, to a B plus, to an A.
Ebony • Grade 5 Student

I enjoy using the program. I like that I learn new things and that if I mess up on something the computer always gives me another try so I can understand it more…. It’s fun to learn while playing games.
Mercedes • Grade 4 Student

I like how it helps me learn and helps me with school when I'm stuck. Math Wiz helps me a lot with the tutorial explaining everything I need to know. No one at school knew how to do Integers and I was the only person in class who knew how to do them because I had studied ahead.
RJ • Grade 6 Student

Math Wiz and English Wiz has providing me with knowledge to improve my academic ability which in turn has assisted me to be awarded one of my school's academic scholarship.
Nada • Academic Scholarship

Parents and Teachers

The increase in confidence was quite remarkable. In fact, kids that had no confidence had started contributing in the classroom. They were particularly proud to show that they had grasped some concepts which the 'smarter' kids were finding difficult! Symmetry was one such example.
Peter Hurst • Teacher and Math Coordinator

On a personal level and as a teacher who genuinely loves Math, I have no hesitation in recommending Math Wiz to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive and extensive Math programme for school children to improve their Math skills, understanding of key concepts as well as boosting their confidence and self-esteem.
Leena Sheth • School Teacher

I am most impressed that, using the program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the 'hard work' which is generally associated with learning Math through conventional methods. They feel that they are succeeding and success breeds success.
George Moran • School Principal

Olivia has been using Math Wiz and English Wiz for five months now and she absolutely loves it. She is going in to grade one this year and is already doing grade three Math and reading grade two books. Not only has it improved her numeracy and literacy it has grown her computer skills.
Richard • Father of 6-year-old Olivia

As a parent it concerns me that Charlotte may not be exposed to the entire curriculum. That was one of the particular things we liked about the Math and English Wiz. It introduces new topics but also allows her to revize and revisit topics when she's perhaps not being exposed to them at that specific time in school.
Ms Pidgeon • Parent of Grade 1 Student

I have referred other families to this program and recommend it for anyone who wants to see their children enjoy the learning process and give them a competitive edge at school.
Mrs. Mann • Mother of 2 Children

Educational Authorities

You can learn at your own pace; and then it's not like when a teacher asks you a question, you get it wrong, then you get embarrassed. Here, the computer asks you and doesn't judge you. If you get it wrong, you just simply go back, learn a bit more progressively; so, it's a very safe way of learning, and yet it's fun at the same time. It's interactive.
Dr Peter Shephard • Ph. D., D. Lit -Leading Authority on the Psychology of Learning

A lot of children start off school just as smart as any other but for some reason their readiness isn't available for them to learn something that might be a Math series or some phonics or some reading and then they never get to catch up. They're always feeling that they're not good enough. They're always feeling that the other kids are smarter than them and they need some special help... Math and English Wiz can give parents a great sense of direction and a sense of structured involvement, which will give them great satisfaction.
Dr Janet Hall • Clinical and Counselling Psychologist

What parents are saying

Excellent! It has helped my son so much.

I love the fact it is curriculum based. What my son is learning at school he is covering in the program at the same time. It’s challenging for him yet still achievable.

So glad I found this system and professionals.

After many years of searching for a tutor, I found Math Wiz and have never looked back. In 6 months my son went from failing math to 95%. Love this program.

Great program specifically tailored to my daughter's learning needs.

My daughter was struggling to read and was avoiding books due to loss of confidence. I found English Wiz to be a fantastic program that targeted learning to her needs using an interactive program. She began enjoying reading and was very motivated by the incentive program and talking directly with the helpful and responsive tutors. Because of the program she is now reading above her expected level. I can't thank you enough.

Great program tailored to individuals.

I cannot recommend the programs enough. From day one all communications have been informative and professional. Initial testing identified gaps in learning. Course content has been tailored to suit my child’s learning needs with tasks varying from easy to challenging. I like how concepts are revisited until grasped. Tutor is in constant contact via phone and email and weekly report cards are easy to read. My child likes the rewards program. I will be continuing this program as I can see the results and happily recommend it to anyone whose child is struggling, wanting revision practice or helping child to excel. A great program. Thank you.

Blessing in Disguise.

My sons were failing mathematics at school & all of my knowledge was too outdated to be able to help them. I enlisted the help of Math Wiz and English Wiz! What a turn around. My boys made real progress that was obvious shortly after beginning. All this without breaking the bank. Truly amazing!

Great help!

My son is very happy with the help from tutor for his creative writing task. He has improved his understanding of this kind of writing. This help is much appreciated.

Great way to boost your child's confidence!

The 12 month course that my son completed was terrific. He enjoyed it and so did I. It boosted his confidence in completing his work alone and was often on topics that he was studying at school so it helped with that too. English was fairly simple but reinforced some of the necessary rules in the English language. My son also loved getting gift cards for completing his work and getting his points up. :) Well worth doing!

Very helpful.

My son has greatly benefitted from the program and was catching up with the material covered in class. I would definitely recommend this program. The support from the team was great, there was always someone I could talk to and they would address any issues very professionally and promptly.

This program is perfect for my 4 boys!

I am very satisfied with the program, my kids have accelerated with their education since signing up with this course. My 14 year old came home from school one day very excited and proud of himself because he had a math lesson that he already knew how to work out the answers, because he did that lesson the week before with Math Wiz. He then went on to show the other students how to work out these problems. There has been a few difficult lessons set out for the kids but with help and support only a phone call away from the tutors, they then understand the questions and move on to the next lesson. The tutors are amazing with the kids. I have and will continue to recommend to my family & friends that have children struggling with English and Math. I wish I had of found this program years ago!

Definitely recommended, awesome tailored programs. Very professional staff.

Our eldest son was the main reason for signing up, he lacked confidence in his reading, spelling and just over the last 9 months he is a totally different boy so much more confidence especially now he is in year 7. We are so over the moon with our results. The staff were so understanding when we had to move country. Totally recommend to all families. Affordable prices which was great having our 3 children doing it.

Awesome Program.

My boys enjoyed this program when they started seeing better results in tests and better end of year reports. They were very thankful for us giving them the opportunity to do this program. They were getting rewards from the program that helped them to try harder and achieve their final goals. They have just asked me to look into the next program for high school kids. I will be getting it.

Very helpful.

Did wonders for my daughter she progressed from year 3 level to year 7 level in one year. Very pleased. Would highly recommend if your kids are struggling at school.

Fantastic tailored tutoring program.

I had both my children enlisted in the program. The team identified the gaps in both my children's knowledge and tailored their learning accordingly. This was such a wonderful tool to bridge those gaps and both my children finished the year ahead of their respective class levels. If ever they found they needed help with a task, we simply phoned support and we were guided through the lesson with patience and kindness. This really helped my children feel supported and confident in asking for assistance. A very big thank you to the wonderful team!